Anglophile Files 2.6: Jane Austen

Obviously, Jane makes the list. 

Jane's grasp of human nature, wit and self-awareness at her age, in her time, is ASTOUNDING. 

I really can't even... she was so ahead of her time. Choosing not to marry, so she could write.  She wrote what she could not have. How bittersweet and beautiful.

She was almost detective-like. Her grasp of human nature allowed her to predict what anyone would do.  She also seemed to have a surreal ability to learn a life lesson, without actually having to experience it. Her wisdom, for her age, is an anomaly. 

Although the most popular hero of her works is Darcy, I am #TeamKnightly all the way.  What an incredibly realistic character.  You cannot not love Knightly after the incident with Emma and Miss Bates.  

Since I am quite the fan of self-awareness, here are Jane's thoughts on it: "We have all a better guide in ourselves, if we would attend to it, than any other person can be." 

So, let's be self-aware and find our Darcys and Knightleys, for Jane.