About Ivy B.

Ivy Boutique opened as a storefront, outside of Chicago, in 2012.  

Having a shop for 10 years, you start to see certain patterns and habits…when a new customer comes in and is looking for something, you’re not entirely sure of their style or personality.  So, you start showing them things and because you’re starting at square one, we often heard, “That’s not me,” or “That’s not my style.”  So, the bottom line is, you know you.  You know what you like and what you are comfortable in (I can’t do boho to save my life, I look like a pirate). So, we organized this site by STYLE first, then by article of clothing.  

We do hope you branch out here and there.. if you’re more of a “Classic” dresser by day, maybe try a “Romantic” dress for a date night, or “Boho” accessories for a concert, maybe a “Trendy” kimono for girl’s night and a “Casual” sweatshirt dress for the farmer’s market and weekend errands. 

Another thing.. we will always carry “Resort” wear, all year long.. the fashion world typically introduces resort wear after the holidays for January and February but we’re pretty sure you gals are going on vacations and honeymoons all year, as you should!

We hope you enjoy our site and we try to give as much styling description (like, if you wear your hair in a messy bun and drop earrings with this blouse, Vogue Magazine will be calling you) and item description (such as, your bra is going to show under this top, so you better get a cute one) for each piece, but if you have any questions about any items of clothing or accessories, please email us at shopivyvalpo@gmail.com. 

Our latest creation (and it is a TRUE creation) the May + October Seasonal Self-Care Planner / Quarterly Mindful Reset® was dreamt up in early 2019. It is the ULTIMATE wellness and lifestyle planner and we could not be more proud of it. Starting out as PDFs, our print version (a little over 2 short years later) has become a reality.  Visit MayOctober.com for a photo gallery and the story behind May + October.  Or, click here to purchase now!  

The idea of Ivy Boutique and May + October merging together is the story of STYLISH SEASONAL LIVING™ with seasonal apparel and home décor pop-ups and seasonal self-care subscription boxes to come!

In Stylish Seasonal Living, 

The Ivy Girls (aka May + October)