Sizing can be tricky because it largely depends on the manufacturer and the category (Missy, Contemporary, Junior, etc).  We will try to give as much detail as possible within the item description, but this is a general chart that translates the sizes across the board. 

All of our measurements are taken with items lying flat.  

"Across the chest" is measured under the arm, armpit to armpit. 

"Length" is measured from the top of the shoulder to the bottom of the hem, or as noted.

The numbers listed for Denim are waist sizes, not inseam, so, a size 4 is a 27, an 8 is a 28, etc.  


And for our more voluptuous Curvy Gal... sizes can be labeled one of three ways:

Misses...items that are sized with a number, such as 18 or 20.

Women's Sizes...sized with a number followed by the letter "W."  This "W" stands for women's sizing and means that the clothing is cut with a looser, more relaxed fit. 

X Sizes...such as XL, XXL, or 2X.  This encompasses more than one numerical size. This is usually used more in knitwear, or something not requiring exact dimensions for tailored pieces. For example, a woven dress or suit will usually feature a misses' or women's size, while a sweater or jammie pants will use the X sizing.