Clothes Have Powers...On Your Mind

You don’t need me to tell you this…when you like how you look, you feel better. 

But, maybe you didn’t know, it is scientifically proven that what you wear will have a direct effect on what you are doing.  Not only does clothing tell other people about you, it tells YOU a lot about you.   It’s an effect known as “enclothed cognition.”  In a scientific experiment, 2 groups of people were given jobs to do.  One group wore their own clothes.  The other group wore their own clothes AND a white coat. They were then given small tasks and quizzes.  The white coat group did better, 50% better. 

Going further, half of another group was given a white coat and told it was a painter’s smock.  The other half was given the exact same coat but told it was a doctor’s coat.  In that group’s set of tasks and quizzes, the “doctors” smoked the “painters” in the “brainy questions.”  So, even though these people WERE NOT DOCTORS, once they wore a doctor’s coat, they acted like one. 

Do you have a lucky sweater?  Why is it lucky?  Because every time you wear it, something great happens?  YOU decided that.  Maybe that first time something great happened was an even numbered day of the month, or a Tuesday.  But you didn’t decide ALL even numbered days or ALL Tuesdays are lucky, you decided it was the sweater.  And so it was. 

So, the next time you get dressed in the morning, think about how you feel in the clothes you are wearing.  Would you be able to conquer anything that comes at you?  Or are you hoping to “not run into anybody.”  Since life is totally unpredictable, and anything can come at you in a given day, dress for the former!