Clothing: The Basics (Part Deux)

Part Deux: Finding Your Look

Why is this important?  Because when you feel comfortable (that doesn't mean you're wearing yoga pants) you feel more confident.  But, comfortable in the way that you are wearing the clothes, they are not wearing you.  It "suits" you.  I personally, feel like I look like a pirate when I wear anything Boho, so that's not my look.  Personally, I also feel like the older I get, the more Classic I prefer to dress.  But, let's talk about YOU!

How To Start: Set aside a weekend afternoon.  Gather up all of your favorite magazines, celeb pics, catalogs, etc.  Tear out pages of outfits, looks, color combos, etc. that really jump out at you.  Then, make a list of your favorite pieces that you already own.  Then, see how the list and pile of pics compare.  Is there a definite dominate look?  Flats and jeans?  Flowey blouses?   Any certain predominate colors?  Is everything trendy?  

The important thing is to be honest with yourself.  Now, edit your closet.  BE RUTHLESS.  If you have something you've been hanging on to for over 6 months until it fits you again, or whatever the reason is, it has to go.  I personally would tend to keep most "Classic" pieces though because I think that a classic base can work with ANY style.  If your style tends to be more "Romantic" (pictured here) and you like ruffles, florals and pastels, incorporate those elements into what would be considered a classic outfit through the accessories.  For example, jeans and a plain white button down shirt (can't get more Classic than that).  Perhaps add a floral scarf as a belt.  Wear vintage jewelry.  Maybe add a feminine cardigan over the shirt.  Tie a floral scarf onto your purse. 

I think Classic is a good base for anything.  I would also start out with a classic outfit and add trendy accessories to it (to avoid being TOO trendy or cliche).  Or, even Boho, just add some fringed accessories.. or slightly deviate and wear a wide leg 70's pair of jeans.  The point is to be true to yourself.  You know when you like something and you know when you feel comfortable and confident in something.  Getting rid of anything that doesn't fit with your style can only help you put outfits together more easily; whatever you don't wear or isn't you doesn't belong in your way.  Get rid of the bad so you can easily get to the good!

Next time: Dressing to Flatter Your Figure