Happy 242 Birthday, Girlfriend!

Happy 242 Birthday, Girlfriend!

December 16, 1775… If you’re a die-hard fan, you already know who I’m talking about..

Is there a woman alive who does not appreciate the writings of Jane Austen?

I’d say no.  What is not to love?  Jane, for her very young age, had an appreciation of human nature and could rival Jung or Freud.  Not only was she incredibly astute about the behaviors of men, women and their respective societal roles, she was the original queen of the one liners.  If you actually read (not just watch the movies) Jane, you know she was pretty snarky.  And pretty sassy.  Jane called it like it was.

But she also nailed the fairy tale element.  Although snarky, Jane was an eternal optimist.  And fiercely independent.  At a time that was completely unheard of to remain “single,” Jane did. She turned down a proposal because she knew that not only did she not love him, she knew once she married she could no longer write. #GirlBoss.

Jane has definitely arrived.. from hit movies like Clueless (based on Emma) to her face on the 10 pound note.. Jane is here to stay.. as ubiquitous to England as the Queen, English gardens and tea.   And thank God for that. 

Jane Austen “Pop-Up” coming in 2018!