How the Pandemic killed your vibe...And how to get it back.

According to the Self and Motivation Lab at the University of New Buffalo, there are 3 things that wreck motivation: loss of autonomy, competence and relationships.  Covid wiped out all 3 overnight.
The good news: a Harvard study found that any predefined sequences of actions characterized by rigidity and repetition — increase people’s self-control and feelings of self-discipline.  And what does that sound like?  PLANNING!
Planning is crucial because the time spent everyday carrying out a ritual (which can be as small as taking 10 minutes to meditate every morning) or a habit (when it becomes automatic) frees up mental space and energy for the rest of the day.  Habits such as always putting your keys and purse in the same place in your house (freeing up time spent looking for lost and misplaced items).
Another key point in planning (as done at May + October) are the REWARDS. We made SMART goals, SMARTR by adding Rewards... but the kind of rewards are just as important. Use the "fluffy" kinds of self-care (bath bombs, 2 episodes of the show your binging) as rewards, not a night out drinking. 
More bounce back tips and tricks to come...