Because I'm selfish?

November 2, 2017

Why I went from a storefront to online only:

I guess the bottom line is, I’m selfish? 

I want more time. More time for my life. I have about 50 cookbooks in my kitchen that have never been opened. My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving (carbs, football and naps, what’s not to love?) but as much as I love that day, I know the next day, Black Friday, will be the opposite of relaxed and fun. I miss being out in the world on Saturdays (especially during college football season). There is a very different vibe in the world on a Saturday than if you just have Mondays off.

I just want to NOT be rushed ALL. THE. TIME.  Having a storefront is absolutely great.  But, it’s a lot of work, especially if you’re Type A. You constantly straighten merchandise, vacuum, rearrange things in new ways so the regulars aren’t bored, etc.

Make no mistake, running an entirely online boutique is still A LOT of work, but it’s a different kind of work. My favorite attribute of entrepreneurs is, they’ll work 90 hours a week to avoid working 40 hours a week.  Nothing could be truer.  But, it is a different kind of work, work that can be done whenever you want to do it. It’s work that can be done at 2 am (because of course you’re not sleeping and you're wondering.. do I attempt to get back to sleep or start drinking coffee now and just take a nap later), like product photography or shipping. It’s work that allows you to go out to lunch during the week because you don’t have to sit behind a counter all day during your “open hours.”

And speaking of hours…having set store hours is very, very limiting for customers, especially for women that work.  But, let’s face it, we’re all up at 2 am, the perfect quiet time to shop online. So, this is about working smarter, not harder. If you’re going to put in a lot of work, reach as many people as possible. The whole world is online (thanks, Al Gore! Yes, he claims to have invented the internet. YouTube it).  

Happy Shopping! And remember, cuteness counts!

Dina Ranieri Harper

Here are a couple of pictures of the super cute boutique storefront before we closed!