May + October Seasonal Self-Care Planner / Quarterly Mindful Reset®

There's nothing magical about January 1, so why not reset four times a year?

May + October is about YOU and your RELATIONSHIP with YOURSELF. You've had the same goals for months or years? Always busy, but nothing really gets accomplished? Bombarded by work life, personal life and endless to-do lists? Revolving, not evolving?

Stop buying planners that are just dated pads of paper! May + October has everything you need to ditch overwhelm, burnout and constantly reacting to what life throws at you. With goal planning, time management and weekly, monthly and seasonal assessments, you can figure out exactly what you want, plan what's most important and get it done!

Prioritize self-care by living seasonally, which keeps you present and gives your mind and body what it needs at the exact right time. The earth is creating seasonal rhythms and your body is taking it's cues from nature, so embrace it!

And through self-awareness and removing self-sins™ (you hurting you), get out of your own way! This is the only planner that helps you figure out why the things you planned didn't get done.

90 Day Planners feature:

Seasonal To-Do Lists and seasonal, undated (so you can start anytime) Monthly, Weekly, Daily Planner + Daily Intention Pages.

+ Spring Planner (March, April, May)

+ Summer Planner (June, July, August)

+ Fall Planner (September, October, November)

+ Winter (December, January, February)

Self-Care Journal Features:

+ Start Here Guide/Index

+ Planner Extras (Goal Planning in 6 Steps, Productivity + Time Management and Weekly, Monthly + Seasonal Assessments)

+ Self-Care: Mind Topics: Accountability (Why You Stay Stuck), Self-Sins™, Relationships + Boundaries, Chronic Worry, Clearing Clutter, Spirituality + Purpose/Mindfulness + Presence and Manifesting + Gratitude

+ Self-Care: Body Topics: Detoxing + Vitamins, Herbs + Essential Oils, Drinks with Intention (Infused Water + Tea Apothecary), Breathing + Meditation, Massage/Yoga/Sauna, The Hot Bath and Sleep

+ Reflective Journal Prompt Pages BONUS: the ultimate tool for If-Then Planning and Proactivity

Book Features:

+ Wipeable Cover for Durability

+ Beautifully Illustrated Images in Full Color

+ 65lb Paper

+ Smyth-Sewn Lay-Flat Design for Durability + Ease of Use

+ Ribbon Bookmark

A couple rave reviews from our fans!:

"I truly love this work! I have about four planners currently for 2020 and have tried every planner in the market including creating mixes of my own over the years. Of course! It turns out it's not the planner, it's the life that you lead. May+October gives you the structure to examine that life in all aspects and turn it around in a measured way. This is what my life has been missing. The cohesiveness of it all. There is so much about this that resonates with me. Most importantly, that all aspects of our lives are interconnected and if we are not healthy in one area, we suffer in all areas. I especially love that she encourages all-natural wellness! Plus it is so encouraging to use because it is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing your work with the world!" 

-Dyna J. on 4/24/20

"I am just diving into this lovely planner and I just LOVE it! From the gorgeous design elements (Gah! So pretty to look at!)... To the way it is made to be completely 100 percent customizable to YOU! The author writes in such a way that you feel like you're listening to your friend talk to you and encourage you to take the best possible care of yourself all the while giving you solid educational info on how to do so. I also adore that it's based on seasonal living. I personally have a hard time focusing on the current here and now, and this planner consistently reminds me that focusing on the beauty of nature and it's status quo is the perfect way to stay present! Do yourselves the favor of a lifetime... Purchase this planner and be on your way to the best Spring ever!"

-Christina M. on 3/10/20


+ All 5 books (Planners for Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter and the Self-Care Journal) in the storage sleeve at $25 per book (only $10.50 per month!)

+ Receive the ENTIRE YEAR at once, unlike subscriptions or other 90 day planners.

+ Free shipping.

+ Lifetime access to the complete PDF version of the entire planner. Use the PDF pages to print out self-care sections that you think a friend might need or use the planner pages for group work projects or book clubs!

+ The most complete self-care and wellness planner to get you on your way to an organized, accomplished, present, mentally and physically healthy life all in 90 days (one season!).

RISK-FREE RETURN POLICY: Returns are accepted for a full refund (minus $15 shipping + shrink wrap fee) within 30 days. Planners and sleeve must be free of marks, writing, bent or torn pages or any other signs of use, so that it is in resalable condition. AS OUR GIFT, YOU CAN KEEP THE LIFETIME ACCESS MEMBERSHIP TO THE PDF VERSION!


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