THAT was some foreshadowing!

So... the last post from 2018...  2 0 1 8...

Was about being in a time warp, not being present and not taking care of self-care.  And now, here we are in 2021, still in the time warp (I really didn't write anything here in the last 3 years?!).  But, better equipped in the self-care department.  

In February of 2019, I had the idea for May + October Seasonal Self-Care Planner / Quarterly Mindful Reset® (Momo as it's fondly referred to). The idea seemed almost dropped into my head, but at the same time, not, because its the culmination of everything about Ivy and my life (the idea on how to bring it all together seemed dropped into my head).  But anyway, I saw the whole thing from day 1. I knew exactly what it should look like, what the content should be, how it would grow, how it would tie back to Ivy.  I spent all of 2019 creating it, getting a trademark, creating the website and launching it. 

Then came March of 2020.  Total derailment. 

But here we are in April of 2021 and self-care, now more than EVER, should be the most important thing in anyone's life.  After getting lots of feedback and requests, we knew we needed a printed version of Momo.  There were too many barriers to use with printable PDFs.. printing all 250+ pages, three-hole punching them, finding a binder for them... way too much work for the Ivy/Momo customer.  So as of this week, Momo is off to the printer... after MONTHS of agonizing edits and not-up-to-snuff proofs.  More details to come....

PS- Stylish Seasonal Living™ is the marriage of Ivy Boutique and May + October Seasonal Self-Care Planner®... there are seasonal self-care subscription boxes and seasonal apparel and home decor pop-ups in the Stylish Seasonal Living™ future!